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“It is so true that the choices we make as young people don’t have to stay with us a lifetime. I had my 2 tattoos removed at this location in approx. 5 sessions and was very happy with my customer service and the Tattoo Removal Team was great! I would highly recommend this place to anyone.” — Danelle 0.
“If you have a bad/unwanted tattoo, this is definitely the place to go! Unfortunately I made the mistake of letting my wannabee tattoo artist friend “practice” on me. I got a half sleeve of butterflies that pretty much covered my entire shoulder, it was dark too. After a day or 2 all of the color and detail started to fade and blur together, I hated it!
Anytime I would go out i would make sure its covered. I found this place online and decided to try them out. I was intrigued by there website which said they had a new laser removal treatment with the highest energy system in the world, and its the ONLY one in Colorado Springs! After my first visit I could already see a big difference, it looked as if I covered it with makeup and by my fourth visit it was completely gone! The pricing was also much better then any other place I looked into. Hope this helps.” — Nikki M.
“It was six years ago when I made the mistake of getting a tribal tattoo. It wasn’t very large, but size wasn’t the issue. It went across my bicep and I was embarrassed by it. I found Colorado Springs Tattoo Removal through a friend who did one of my most recent pieces. It was reasonably priced and the staff was knowledgeable. After 5 sessions, you can’t tell that there was even a tattoo on my arm! Extremely impressed. Highly recommended.” — Jordan P.